I am a digital-first content creator and problem solver with a passion for storytelling and innovation.
I believe that everything, and everyone, has a story - the fun part is figuring out how to tell it.

With a diverse background that includes design, photography, social media analytics, research methods, and video production, I aim to find new ways to create unique content that adds value by entertaining, educating, engaging, and building an emotional connection with content consumers. 

Hello! I'm Channing.

With experience that ranges from marketing to hospitality, ​I have made it a priority of mine to be an excellent communicator, and tasked myself as a creator to work in a way that is both functional and versatile for today's workplace.


I have nearly nine years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, and four years of experience in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, as well.
Additionally, I have been able to utilize design theory across multiple platforms, styles, and brands. Check out recent work


I have over 8 years of editing experience utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro, and know my way around nonlinear editors (Edius, Sony Vegas, Avid).

As a motion designer, I have a deep understanding of After Effects as well, with just as much experience. Examples can be found here.


I have a varied background in photography. I have shot portrait photography, action and sports, and within theme parks as well.
I use Adobe Lightroom as a means of post-production when the project calls for it.
Examples from across the board can be found


As a graduate of the University of Tennessee's School of Journalism & Electronic Media, I have been trained in AP Style and News writing.
Additionally, I have been able to work through copy for social media and develop an understanding for what kind of "voice" works for various brands.